About GXopen
This site allows you to define and maintain GeneXus's projects that can be shared with others members of the GX's community. In this way, other members can download and upload versions of your projects.

Each project has many versions. For each version you store all the files related with it (XPWs, saved properties, pictures, docs, etc.). If the project is 'Open' other members can download the version freely. They can even upload an upgraded version, but in this case the system will create a new version (in order not to overwrite your code).

A version can have subprojects. A subproject is another project stored in the site. This is very practical to define 'Utility' projects that can be reused in other projects (like automatic assigned of numbers for primary keys, styles, etc.).
Each project and version has a forum, so members can discuss issues, new versions, propose upgrades, etc. To download or upload projects you must be registered as a member. The membership is free.

Once you download and work with a project, you are expected to post a review in order to let the other members know your opinion about it.


  • By submitting your project you acknowledge that you are entitled to publicly disclose the information contained in it, and that you allow us to make it available for download to anyone through the Internet.
  • The information posted on this site is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.
  • Artech assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this page.
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